Clerk:  Mrs Julia Tufnail      email   tel: 07756 851026

Please find the Parish Councillors listed below:

Chairmain :             Cllr Bob Lymn

Vice-Chairmain:  Cllr Lisa Duval


Councillors &  Responsibilities:

Planning                                                          Cllr Stephen Harris & Tom Davison

Highways & Footpaths                                Cllrs Peter Fryatt

Financial Control & Internal Audit            Cllrs  Chris Mayes & Richard Horrell

Village Hall                                                     Cllr Stephen Harris

Sports Field                                                     Cllrs Richard Maxwell

Medbury Trust                                                Cllr Richard Horrell

Police & Crime                                                Cllr Lisa Duval

Lighting                                                           Cllr Stephen Harris

Recreation Ground                                        Cllr Emma Taylor


You can access Councillors’ Declarations of Interest via the following link